How to Use Emergency Call Lists to Bump Your Bottom Line

UCC’s Mark Matlock explains how to capitalize on emergency call lists to create potential new subscribers.

How to Use Emergency Call Lists to Bump Your Bottom Line

Even if you’re only booking one appointment for every three people on the emergency call list (the average number on an account), that’s one new sales call generated on every install.

You already understand the importance of maintaining accurate customer information so your monitoring company can respond quickly and accurately.

You probably also understand how critical it is to have an emergency call list that may be able to respond in the event of an alarm. However, do you realize the value the call list can be to your company?

There’s no doubt that call lists are important to customers and responding authorities. Unfortunately, my experience has taught me that many of the folks aren’t aware that they’re even on the list — let alone what they should do when they’re needed.

Fortunately, there’s something that you can do that will not only improve service, it may also improve your bottom line! Let’s discuss how this can be done.

Get on the Phone With Your New Customers

First, start by telling your customers the importance of notifying the people they intend to put on their list, the types of situations they may be notified about, and their responsibilities. Yes … the customer’s call list has responsibilities.

Next, offer to notify your customer’s list for them. By contacting your customer’s list directly, you’re not only improving the services to your customer, the central monitoring station, and the authorities, you’re also creating a good first impression and opening the door to a possible referral sale.

Imagine the impression you would make on your customer and their “referral” potential after a call like this:

“Good afternoon, Mr. Jones. My name is Bob Smith with ABC Security — your neighbor Sherri Baker’s alarm company. The reason I’m calling is because we recently installed a monitored alarm system at Sherri’s house and she listed you as an emergency contact. I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know you were on the list and what you might expect. If we receive an alarm activation from Sherri’s house, we’ll dispatch the authorities. Afterward, you may be notified if we’re unable to get a hold of her. If the authorities determine that your assistance is needed, we may contact you again to respond in Sherri’s absence. Would that be OK? … Thank you. Also, I wanted to mention that I think it’s important that you and Sherri develop a plan of how you might be able to help if this situation occurs. Does that make sense? Great! Before I let you go, do you have any questions for me?”

Mr. Jones might ask a few easily answered questions, but I think it’s safe to say that that he will be impressed by your proactive service and appreciate being notified of the responsibility.

You might even ask a question of your own such as:

“By the way Mr. Jones, alarm systems have really evolved over the past few years and are capable of integrating with smart technology. Are you interested in learning more about a monitored burglar or fire alarm system like Sherri’s?”

If the answer is “yes,” you might be able to schedule an appointment with Mr. Jones on the spot. Remember, your goal is to be friendly and helpful, so be cheerful and enthusiastic. Being forceful or overbearing can backfire on you.

Take the Opportunity to Stay Current, Offer More

When used properly and ethically, adopting this practice for all of your customers could make for noticeable additions to your subscriber numbers.

Think about it — when you sign a new customer, how many people are on their list? Three, four, or more? Even if you’re only booking one appointment for every three people on the call list (the average number on an account), that’s one new sales call generated on every install.

That can represent a significant increase in potential sales, simply by solidifying the service and communications with your new customers.You also have the opportunity to create a program to contact your customers and their call list (referrals) on a regular basis.

This is a great way to keep your subscriber data current, notify them of new offers, provide tips of how their system can integrate with all the newest Internet of Things, and smart technology.

This not only enhances service to your existing customers and creates sales potential; it helps establish your company as the leader in security and smart technology in your community.

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Mark Matlock is Senior Vice President at United Central Control, a division of Lydia Security Monitoring Inc.

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