2018 Wage & Salary Study

How do salaries at your company compare with the overall security integration industry? Comprehensive groundbreaking study reveals average salaries for technicians, sales, central station staff and executive management by region of and size of company.

The 2018 SSI Wage & Salary Study reveals detailed salary information for 13 key positions with regional security dealers/integrators, national companies and across Canada.

For the first time ever, security contractors will be able to gauge the annual salaries and hourly wages they pay compared to their peers for:

Management (annual salary)

  • Executive/General Management
  • Project Manager
  • IT-Centric Field Specialists
  • In-House Network / IT Manager
  • Systems Designer / Programmer
  • Administrative/Back-Office Personnel

Installation Staff (Hourly)

  • Installation Tech (less than 2 years)
  • Install Tech (2+ years)
  • Service Tech (less than 2 years)
  • Service Tech (2+ years)

Sales Staff (Salaried)

  • Sales Manager
  • Entry-Level Sales (less than 2 years)
  • Experienced Sales (2+ years)

Among the study’s key findings are:

  • National alarm companies pay higher wages across the board than regional companies
  • A majority of alarm dealers pay employee bonuses of some type
  • Contractors are very optimistic about security business for the coming year
  • The average commission paid to a salesperson for a new customer is nearly identical to that paid for monitoring contract renewals
  • Annual bonuses are the most common type of bonus paid
  • Integrators worry more about losing a quality employee to a manufacturer or distributor than losing them to a competitor or another trade
  • The majority of security companies offer an array of benefits to full-time employees, led by paid vacation
  • Commercial-oriented firms pay 10% more on average

The study was conducted in February 2018 with 217 responses. The term security contractor applies to the collective of dealers and integrators.

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