2024 Cloud Technology Deep Dive Report

To gain insight on how cloud based services are successful

Cloud Technology Deep Dive: Opportunities and Challenges for Security Integrators

It’s never easy to give up control, especially when you’re talking about turning over proprietary data about your company, business or home to a third party. Even so, security systems integrators are starting to have more success in getting their clients to transition to cloud-based access control and video surveillance services, whether that means through an on-premise, offsite or hybrid offering that streamline operations and increase recurring revenues.

Integrators are making inroads on selling cloud-based security services to their clients, but they know there are still opportunities to grow that sector of their business, whether that means requiring a service contract for all installations or convincing a long-time customer to modernize their systems.

As cloud-based security systems become more robust, integrators expect their customers will become even more willing to jump into the 21st century, head to cloud and let the experts manage their precious security data, in the hopes there will never be an incident they need to review.

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