De-Mystify Elevated Skin Temperature Screening with Thermal Imaging

This free guidebook explains the capabilities and limitations of thermal cameras for screening elevated skin temperature during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating the so-called “new normal” includes reimagining the way we live and work. To keep people healthy and safe, companies and organizations are developing new health and safety programs. A critical component is an effective frontline screening tool for detecting elevated skin temperature. While thermal cameras cannot detect a specific infection or disease, companies can derive crucial data that, when combined with further medical screening, can help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

To aid security integrators and companies in understanding and leveraging thermography for elevated skin temperature screening, FLIR Systems has produced a new guide, “The Complete Guidebook on Thermal Screening for Elevated Skin Temperature.”

This free resource provides comprehensive information and details for anyone considering the use of thermal cameras for elevated skin temperature screening:

  • Screening Program Considerations – Know the important factors to review before purchasing and deploying an elevated skin temperature screening program.
  • Thermal Camera Selection – Understand the difference between thermal imaging cameras, including the sensitivity, accuracy, stability and spatial resolution required to be effective.
  • Ensuring Program Success – Determine and manage the myriad factors that can influence screening accuracy, including environmental factors and the screening program workflow.
  • Education and Support — From repairs to upgrades, get the most out of a thermal camera system.
  • Working with a Reputable Partner – Determine the reliability and reputation of a camera provider before making the investment.

With this guidebook, you will come to understand how infrared thermography can provide a fast, easy, contactless (non-invasive) and effective method to initially screen individuals for signs of elevated skin temperature, all with minimal disruption.

Download the comprehensive PDF guide for free today.

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