Extending Long-Distance Performance, Leveraging Existing Coax Infrastructure With Enhanced PoE Technology

New advancements in Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE) promise to slash installation costs while providing customers with a pure IP, high-definition solution. Learn more about the benefits of ePoE and how your business can profit from it in this free report.

Save Time and Money with IP-based Surveillance Systems

Developments in video security and surveillance solutions, based on IP technology, are helping a wide range of security and surveillance professionals protect people and property, provide situational awareness and enhance operations. Compared with traditional analog solutions, IP-based surveillance systems are more versatile and cost effective.

This shift from traditional analog technology to IP video comes at a time when facilities need to make the most of their budgets, and they have already seen significant cost savings and productivity benefits from IP-based and networked solutions in everything from administration and patient records to accounting and communications.

This FREE white paper discusses the cost and performance advantages of a new technology known as Enhanced Ethernet Technology or Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE). Enhanced PoE allows video integrators and installers to utilize existing coax cable infrastructure, exceed standard long-run distance limitations, and utilize analog cameras with the many advantages of IP network connectivity.

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