How Advancing Video Surveillance Technologies Are Bringing New Life to PTZ Solutions

Today’s video technologies, including video analytics, megapixel imagers, and IP video network connectivity have sparked a renewed interest in the unique benefits of pan/tilt/zoom camera positioning systems.

Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and camera positioning systems have long been considered staples of the video security and surveillance industry. The first PTZ systems to hit the market decades ago were just standard CCTV cameras mounted on positional platforms.

These first entries were slow and jerky in their movements. They weren’t up to tracking moving objects, but were best used to simply reposition a camera for viewing different scenes. Over time, system agility improved, enclosures were incorporated and many special PTZ-specific capabilities were developed.

As of late, video surveillance manufacturers are combining new technologies to produce PTZ cameras that are more versatile than ever before, allowing them to meet surveillance needs across a wide range of applications.

Download this whitepaper to go in-depth on such topics as:

  • Multi-Sensor Cameras: A Visual Resurgence
  • The Analytics Breakthrough
  • A Note on Advanced Video Compression
  • High Definition Video Over Coax
  • Right Choice for Harsh Environments
  • IR and Zoom Priority
  • Zoom Factor and Resolution
  • Not All Lower Domes Are Alike
  • Almost Limitless Uses

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