Navigating the Changing World of Project Management

Project management has evolved over the years but one critical point remains the same. To deliver projects on time and on budget, businesses must have strong processes to manage resources and tasks.

While the steps involved in managing a project have remained the same, the methods are changing significantly. For example, in the past you would make a phone call or send an email to update stakeholders individually. Now, this can be automated based on milestones and due dates.

Another example is that instead of spending weeks collating cost to complete reports and invoices, and hoping that the information is accurate, we can now get this data in real time and at the touch of a button. Successful field service businesses use cloud-based software to keep projects on track, improve labor productivity and even find ways to increase profitability.

This new guide “Navigating the Changing World of Project Management” delivers insight into how you can update your project management practices to drive more revenue for your business. It covers:

  • Project management changing roles
  • The essential steps for effective project management
  • Project estimating best practices
  • Tips for allocating material and labor resources

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