Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Drones

Critical infrastructure across the United States faces a growing threat from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The sophistication and carrying capacity of inexpensive UAVs continues to rise, while too much of our critical infrastructure remains unprotected from UAV use.

Organizations are well aware of the cyber security threats that have become commonplace these days. There is a concurrent security threat, though, that may actually be more pernicious. This new threat is called the small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), or sometimes an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), but most commonly called a drone.

Drones challenge every aspect of commercial and industrial facility security, with the risks most vividly illustrated by the critical infrastructure segment. This new guide “Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Drones” provides an overview of some of the key security concerns related to drones, including:

  • Most likely targets
  • Possible avenues of attack
  • The combined threat of speed + payload
  • Potential detection tools

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