Realizing the True Value of Today’s Megapixel Cameras

Improved imaging technology and lenses, embedded analytics, on-camera recording/storage and integrated access control make megapixel cameras a cost-effective solution.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, advancements in megapixel technology have changed the video surveillance landscape exponentially. With the continuous development of processors, sensors, lenses and edge technologies, surveillance cameras have far surpassed the expectations of early pioneers and adopters.

These innovations are improving security, operational efficiencies, cost effectiveness and ease of use for end users while paving the way for systems integrators to expand service offerings and cultivate new revenue streams. Brought to you by IQinVision, this article is intended to educate readers about the bold new megapixel world. So let’s see how processing power, imaging technology, more sophisticated lenses, higher resolutions and edge functionality is propelling the industry to new heights.

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