RFID Awesomeness: Understand The Difference in RFID Reader Technology Before Making a Decision

RFID has a number of benefits for developers and the end-user customers they serve. Download our white paper for a comprehensive look at RFID solutions for business systems and devices.

User authentication and access control systems help businesses protect sensitive or confidential information, streamline user access to business systems, and prevent theft of company materials or equipment. For example, these systems can be used to:

  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) to business networks and ensure that users have access only to the information and systems they are authorized to view
  • Facilitate print management solutions for shared network printers for better cost control and information privacy
  • Control access to valuable equipment, materials and supplies with industrial vending machines, kiosks, smart cabinets or automated lockers
  • Authorize the operation of material handling equipment or manufacturing robotics to ensure that only those with proper training are able to operate them

Through these and other applications, user authentication and access control add significant value to organizations. However, many business environments, access to systems and devices is controlled using a password or PIN. An easier way to implement user authentication and access control in business starts with something most employees already have clipped to their belt or lapel: an ID badge containing a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. RFID has a number of benefits for developers and the end-user customers they serve.

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  • How RFID systems work and the different types of RFID reader technology
  • The benefits of RFID, and why RFID works better in business settings than password or PIN systems
  • Challenges that software developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face when implementing RFID solutions for their systems
  • How ELATEC helps software and device developers access new markets, reduce total lifecycle costs, and develop “future-proof” solutions that deliver real customer advantages

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