Security Management: Is the Cloud a Viable Option?

This white paper presents practicable considerations for moving to the cloud, with recommendations on how to evaluate cloud-based security management solutions.

The cloud is the future for many companies, for some, even a business necessity – but it may not be right for every organization.

Security managers and building owners must weigh the benefits and risks of moving to the cloud before incorporating it into their security management strategy. To help with this process, this white paper “Security Management: Is the Cloud a Viable Option?” offers an overview of security management market trends and recent research on what other companies are doing with their security operations.

This paper covers some of the most pressing concerns regarding the cloud, including topics such as:

  • What kind of capabilities does a cloud-based security management solution offer? Can a company expect robust, innovative functionality?
  • From a cybersecurity perspective, is there an increased risk in the cloud?
  • Does the cloud offer a future-proof path?
  • What kind of performance can be expected? Will services be compromised, especially in critical areas like building security alarms?

This free guide will help those responsible for their organization’s security decide if moving to the cloud is the right strategic move for their company. All options can be considered, and with the right information, an intelligent decision that is aligned with your organization’s corporate strategy can be achieved.

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