See How One City Increases Police Response Time

Cameras, open platform software and a command center serve as a force multiplier in Hartford, CT.

When a crime occurs, chances are that the video surveillance system in Hartford, CT, has it covered. By relying on cameras, open platform software and analytics, the system has helped the police department save time and maximize its effectiveness.

The benefits include:

  • Immediate intelligence: Area cameras can be directed at the location of a crime or along pre-determined escape routes
  • Increased reactivity: Field officers can record a scene on mobile devices and instantly display the video on monitors in the crime center
  • Searching video: Instead of someone needing to sit and watch hours and hours of video in real time, video can be located in just minutes
  • One-time events: Pop-up command centers can be established and removed just as quickly for special events, such as a marathon or parade

Discover other advantages of the system and how its speed and responsiveness have helped make Hartford safer. It can work for businesses, companies with an extensive warehouse facility and campuses.

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