The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service

Discover how to make more money by transforming your security integration business to focus on services

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the need to compete with an “as-a-service” approach for your security integration business. And you realize that switching to this business model would mean huge changes for your business.

The advent of affordable technology is changing the way businesses of all sizes and industries operate. They are starting to understand the competitive advantage that technology can bring, even if they aren’t highly technical themselves. They need more than a basic security install; they want a trusted advisor who can help them translate their business objectives into reengineered business processes and new technology solutions.

Think of the as-a-service model in terms of bundling together the hardware, software, services and support that your clients need and then charging them a flat monthly fee for the entire bundle. It is not simply selling clients an extended maintenance contract. “As-a-service” is probably the most fundamental change to security integrator business model in decades. It’s critical that you get it right—and also that you get right on it! There is no time to lose. Your competitors may be working on their transitions already.

In “The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service” you’ll learn best practices for building a service-based security integration company, including:

• Planning for the transition
• Managing cash flow
• Adapting your sales strategy
• Transitioning your current clients
• Automating your business processes
• Retaining clients for the long run