2006 SSI Hall of Fame: 3 Wise Men Chosen for SSI Hall

The electronic security industry is full of dedicated, hardworking, talented people who quietly go about their business and gain their greatest satisfaction from a job well done. This applies to most of you reading this article — unheralded folks who are the fabric of our industry and deserve special recognition in your own right. However, from within those ranks come extraordinary individuals who rise up and achieve true, undeniable greatness. p It is for these unique figures that the Security Sales & Integration Hall of Fame was founded. Designed to represent the ultimate recognition for performance excellence, the SSI Hall of Fame each year welcomes those uncommon people who have carved out an indelible impression within the profession, sustained over the course of an entire career.

Established in 2004 with the enshrinement of 25 initial members with six more added in 2005 (click here for the complete SSI Hall of Fame), the SSI Hall was created to honor those rare persons whose dedication and accomplishments make them uniquely irreplaceable. These are the innovators — be they from a manufacturer, distributor, dealer or any other facet of electronic security — whose impact has molded and transformed the industry into the thriving, vibrant business it is today.

The class of 2006 consists of three exceptional security veterans whose names should be familiar to many readers. They are former Interlogix and GE Security President/CEO Ken Boyda, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) President/CEO Rick Britton and CCTV Consultant/Instructor Bob Wimmer.

Having been lifted onto the pantheon of industry greats, these visionaries can now serve as inspiration for the throng of colleagues engaged in the noble profession of electronic security. As you will see in the profiles that ensue, these movers and shakers have set the pace in their respective specializations. Congratulations to all!


Ken Boyda

Current Status: Consultant to GE Security

Why He’s On the List:

  • Built Interlogix and GE Security by acquiring technology companies like ESL, Aritech, Casi Rusco, Supra, Kalatel, Impac, Tecom, Fiber Options, VisioWave, Monitoring Automation (MAS), Ion Track, InVision and Edwards Systems Technology (EST)
  • Grew $32 million sensors manufacturer Sentrol into $600 million diversified security concern Interlogix
  • Strong leadership helped evolve and position electronic security on a global platform
  • Focused on providing solutions for customers rather than just products
  • Invested in technology and entrepreneurs that brought new approaches, technologies efficiencies and higher levels of quality to the industry
  • Industry involvement, serving as SIA’s president and winning association’s George R. Lippert Memorial Award in 2003

Something People Might Not Know: During a 37-year business career, he has logged an equivalent of three years in flying time while transacting business in more than 60 countries. As a result, he has managed to read 50-plus books a year.

Most Memorable Moment: “The first day of my business career, shortly after leaving Harvard Business School, my new boss Ben Bailar – who later went on to become U.S. Postmaster General and Dean of the Jessie H. Jones Graduate School of Business Management at Rice University – passed along ‘words of wisdom’ that continue to stick with me.
“He said. ‘Whatever you do in business, don’t compromise your values because if you do it once, the second time becomes easier. Set the standard, and don’t follow others.’ In turn, I have passed this message to new managers and seasoned executives alike throughout my career. I strongly believe values shape an organization and enable success.”

How Things Have Changed: “When I first joined the security industry in 1990, there were only a few large, international companies involved and being a $100 million company was considered ‘big.’ Companies sold products, and the channel controlled the end-user customer. As security has become an essential infrastructure industry, some of the largest and most successful global corporations have gained industry leadership. GE has been a model in the way it understands customer requirements, invests in providing value ROI [return on investment] solutions and advances technologies by making company-wide technology resources available to the security group.”

What the Future Holds: “I see the next period of the industry moving from concerns about integration to a focus on providing vertical solutions that satisfy specific customer segments. I don’t believe we will think of segmentation like residential, commercial and government or classify companies as manufacturers, integrators or monitoring services. In the coming years, I see the security industry evolving where a customer is provided a comprehensive business solution.”

Reaction to Being Inducted: “It’s an honor to be thought of as an industry leader who has made a significant difference. More importantly, I take this as recognition for those partners and friends on the team who have played key roles in building the foundation at GE Security.”

Career Highlights:

  • Earned a degree in government from Harvard University and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business
  • Early career included stints with American Can Co., CCMP Management Consultants and Gladding Corp.
  • Spent 14 years with Colortran Inc.‘s U.S. Lighting Group, eventually ascending to president/CEO
  • In 1990, recruited into Sentrol Inc. as president/CEO
  • Served as president of the Security Industry Association (SIA)
  • Oversaw acquisition by SLC Technologies Inc., merger with Interactive Technologies Inc. (ITI) in 2000 and subsequent creation of Interlogix Inc.
  • Remained president/CEO when GE acquired Interlogix in 2002 for $777 million
  • Spent next three years in charge of GE Interlogix and then GE Security

Rick Britton

Current Status: President/CEO of Digital Monitoring Products Inc. (DMP)

Why He’s On the List:

  • Has a reputation for business integrity
  • Is as well known for his generosity and commitment to customer service as he is for innovation and profitability
  • Treats employees as family members, often intervening when they are in need
  • Has crafted DMP into one of the industry’s most successful independent manufacturing companies
  • In 1996, DMP made perhaps its greatest contribution: establishing control panel communications from digital dialer to digital network, which has been instrumental in developing commercial markets for IP-ready alarm systems

Something People Might Not Know: He loves jet skis; he pitched two perfect fast-pitch softball games; and he is a jet-rated pilot.

Most Memorable Moment:“A few years ago, we demonstrated alarm transmission over the Internet at the CSAA [Central Station Alarm Association] meeting in Monaco. DMP control panels were programmed to send signals to four central stations in Honolulu, Chicago, Los Angeles and Raleigh [N.C.]. The operators were conferenced back to the meeting room in Monaco. As the zones were tripped, the operators reported when the signals were received. Test equipment indicated the signals were acknowledged from around the world in less than one third of a second. Needless to say, all were extremely impressed.”

Things Have Changed

“Overall, security equipment is now manufactured to higher quality standards. Also, there has been increased consolidation of manufacturers and more regulations.”

What the Future Holds

“Residential may go more self-monitoring with Internet and digital cell phones, while commercial will continue with central station monitoring systems with more integrated video and security. I also think we’re going to see some real design innovations in the user interface. We’ve only begun to make important strides in that area via keypad design.”

Reaction to Being Inducted

“It is always an honor to have your life’s work recognized. Still, I am humbled, knowing I didn’t get here without the efforts and encouragement of many. Hundreds of individuals have made contributions to the company during the past 30 years. We hire talented, hard-working people just like any other company, but there’s a real difference at DMP. The persons who stay here – the ones who really love it – are interested in growing personally. They’re less interested in climbing a corporate ladder or disappearing inside a conglomerate. To me, being inducted validates all the individual efforts that have gone into our growing together as a company.”



Bob Wimmer

Current Status Principal of Video Security Consultants

Why He’s on the List

  • Responsible for helping the CCTV industry move beyond novelty status and overcome “Big Brother” concerns to become a highly respected, vibrant industry
  • More than 25 years as one of the industry’s foremost training consultants with manufacturer clients that include Panasonic, Sony, Chugai Boyeki America, Fiber Options and Vicon
  • Currently conducts regular training sessions for Pelco, the Department of Justice and many other major organizations nationwide
  • Has written a multitude of articles on CCTV applications and advancing equipment technology, including Security Sales & Integration’s famous “D.U.M.I.E.S.” series

Something People Might Not Know

He loves to cook. In fact, whenever he has a free Saturday, he attends cooking class. He is now working on dry rubs and sauces and says he enjoys making different dishes and seeing the reactions from his guests.

Most Memorable Moment

“I remember in late 1977, I was working on a project that incorporated one the first remote head CCD cameras to be used in many new applications. To help promote this new technology, I presented a lecture on electronic photography to a class at a university in Pennsylvania. After the lecture, most of the students approached me with this statement: ‘It will never work!’ I sure wish I had a list of the attendees because I would like to ask them what they think about this technology now.”

What the Future Holds

“I believe the days of CCTV are over. The new phase of video over IP will take its place. Today’s systems are no longer just for surveillance, and the need to move and store vast quantities of video information is a must.

The integration between producing a quality image, transmitting and storing it is on a fast track. With it, however, many new problem areas and challenges are becoming evident.

The marriage of IT and CCTV personnel is a MUST. It will require many steps and procedures not only in system design but also in education to ensure a successful marriage. In my opinion, the next few years of this union will be a rocky period.”

Reaction to Being Inducted

“I feel honored to be part of the SSI Hall of Fame. I pledge to continue doing my part in the advancement of the security industry – the industry that has offered me many opportunities and challenges during the past 33 years.”









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