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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Boucherle Pick: Dedrone Counter UAS Sensor

Dedrone’s RF-160 unmanned aircraft (UAS) detection radio frequency sensor networks with specialized software to address increased threats to airspace from hostile or clueless drone operators. The solution delivers actionable data to help security professionals investigate or mitigate the source of a threat. We typically design for physical security threats in 2D. Hostile drones pose a 3D threat to transportation, infrastructure and correctional institutes. Proliferation of intrusive drones that often overfly our traditional security designs that are based on traditional risk assessments in specific vertical markets offers new opportunities for growth to forward-thinking systems integrators. Bad actor drones have greater capabilities to gather and covey a facility’s vulnerabilities. This solution offers unique risk mitigation as part of your security plan for transportation, correctional, government, technology and logistics clients.

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