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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Boucherle Pick: Threat Extinguisher Pepper Sprayer

The Threat Extinguisher EZ’s form factor, design and lower cost to implement changes have significantly improved this new product category. Disabling aggressive criminal behavior to allow law enforcement time to respond while automatically initiating emergency communication via existing alarm systems is efficient, flexible and helps drive incremental monitoring revenues. Imagine having a solid nonlethal defense anyone can effectively use. If you can work a fire extinguisher, you can work this defensive tool, against workplace violence and home invasions. Remote workers don’t have the umbrella of a corporate security team protecting them, and this product can pick up some of that slack. Field proven, reliable, simple to install (installs like a door contact) and simple to sell. Purpose-built for defensive security to better protect children, adults and aging-in-place parents against physically aggressive attacks.

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