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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Boucherle Pick: Trusted Asset Tracking

Denmark-based Trusted offers robust communications, hardened tracking devices, and adds a lower detection and survivability solution from organized crime attacks of assets and goods. This technology offers critical monitoring of tilt, dewpoint, light detection (think containers), humidity, temperature, motion and shock that take it way beyond simple GPS tracking products. Short, encrypted transmission burst technology prolongs battery life while making criminal detection more difficult. Global monitoring reach with data hosted by MS Azure enables customers GSOC operations and has resiliency for critical operations that the FBI, NATO, global military units, law enforcement and private manned security can reliably depend upon. The T7LTE delivers 3,500 transmissions (up to 11,000 in other models) and operates with LTE/4G/2G in an extremely ruggedized enclosure that is easily concealable. This is an especially effective solution if you offer SOC/GSOC, monitoring and manned security response to customers. The product is available in North America through CSIprotect.

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