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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Wireless Sensor

It looks like has answered my wish for a basic alarm sensor that can be placed anywhere and has its own cellular communications built in, and at an affordable price. The Flex IO enables new levels of flexibility for monitoring valuable property and assets anywhere LTE connectivity is available. Whether used with a backyard gate or a remote storage unit, the Flex IO empowers users to keep an eye on what matters most. It can be used with the included magnet to monitor doors, gates and other entryways. It also comes equipped with input and output options for integrating compatible devices that lack long-range connectivity. Features include: detect open/close using magnetic reed switch; detect state change for third-party device using Loop Input; and change state of third-party and device using Relay Output (requires DC power to support always-on cellular connection). Monitoring can include up to six Flex IO sensors. The device runs on four AA batteries and can last up to two years between battery changes.

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