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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Intelligent Automation Perimeter System

What caught my attention about this system is its flexibility to configure so many scenarios. It is one thing to have a quality access control system ready to serve its customer. It is another to adapt to intermittent situations such as protecting a construction site or a tactical application. This system has reliable wireless options to provide such purposes. Originally developed for U.S. defense agencies and frontline warfighters, the ARGUS platform now fits within the industrial sectors while retaining its original objective as a rapidly deployable, constantly evolving physical security system. An intelligent mesh network of unattended sensors forms the backbone of an ARGUS system. Each sensor serves as both a means of intrusion detection and as a network communications relay to help extend and strengthen the system’s wireless footprint.

As a site transitions from construction to operational, a permanent solar-powered ARGUS system is deployed for long-term usage with minimal maintenance. The site can be enhanced with additional layers of detection, integrated with cameras and populated with personnel tracking systems for increased functionality.

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