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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Louroe IP Speaker Microphones

As many of you know Louroe Electronics has been providing interesting video equipment and accessories for many years. Its all-new DigiFact Series includes two-way IP network speaker micro-phones that harness the value of networked audio monitoring technologies to analyze and stream bidirectional audio. Integrating into the Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP), these wide dynamic range audio devices deliver the broad frequency response that users seek, capable of sensitivity in picking up low and high frequency audibles. Featuring a robust quad-core micro-processor selected to deliver “judicial” quality audio, these speaker microphones are capable of running an analytical application to detect and process threat sounds including: preset decibel audible alarm; belligerent voice/aggressive voice signals; breaking glass; car/panic alarms; and gunshot/explosions. The speaker/microphone units come in both a wall mount, with pushbutton, and an easy-to-locate round ceiling mount.

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