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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Lumeo Video Analytics Builder

Lumeo touts itself as the only no-code video analytic builder of its kind. I am impressed by its claim of being able to create custom analytics in minutes with 100 of ready-to-use tools, AI models and connectors. Its Drag & Drop Solutions Designer allows creation of custom video analytic solutions, no programming experience required. AI models include: age classification (via face detector); auto color and make classification; face detection; gender detection; plug n play features work with existing cameras and VMSs.

A treat for API developers looking for more than no-code, Lumeo offers a full set of REST APIs, programmable nodes, OpenCV support and more. In just five to 10 minutes, one could build and deliver solutions such as privacy masking to redact people, faces, license plates and other personally identifiable objects. Other examples would be monitoring overtime parking to track how long cars have been parked in a given region, or occupancy counting to track the number of people, vehicles or other objects in an area.

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