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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Marks Wide Use Electric Locks

When it comes to selecting and installing product, we can always appreciate good design. This can be said of the Lectra Locks by Marks Electrified Mortise & Cylindrical Locks. What is nice about this design is how they fit so many applications: stairwell doors with fire alarm integration; mantraps with enterprise access control; receptionist buzz-in applications; and hospitals wired to touchless ADA pads for entry through locked doors.

Time and labor savings can be realized over electric strikes. A cleaner installation is achieved by wiring directly through the hinges, thereby saving time from cutting into cement-filled frames. Options include a REX (Request to Exit) switch, key override switch and latch bolt sensor. Fail-safe or fail-secure models are ideal for stairwell doors with fire alarm system integration. The Mortise Model with Quick Connect Harness offers two convenient plug-in connectors for easy, quick wiring. It is 12/24VDC compatible (AC rectifier module supplied) with low operating current for cool running.

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