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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Optex Visual Verification

I need not tell you that video verification product configurations are hot. Optex has partnered with CHeKT to offer an affordable, scalable interior and exterior visual monitoring solution. As an installer, designing systems with outdoor detection allows you to provide proactive, rather than reactive, security systems. Outdoor detection with visual verification allows a central station to dispatch police when needed and provide your customer with a priority response. Installing systems with this type of detection will differentiate you from your competition. The CKB-304 OPTEX 4 Channel Bridge is designed for small- to medium-sized visual verification. This device simply sits inline on the zones of an alarm panel. The Bridge will pair any ONVIF camera with those zones and video to the central station. When an alarm zone is tripped, the Bridge sends the information and begins to upload pre- and post-alarm video to the monitoring portal. Additional features include HD support over coax and line level output source for talk-down capability.

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