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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Boucherle Pick: Oyla Perimeter Protection Camera

Oyla’s 3DXR-1000-C 3D Sensor Fusion Camera is an innovative emerging technology product that transforms our 2D security thinking and planning into 3D actionable reality. The fusion of video and LIDAR technology feeds the hungry beast that is called AI. AI thrives on lots of data to learn and identify anomalies (typically perimeter intrusion events). The challenges of variable lighting, obscuration and distance scaling issues are addressed using a 3D “depth” strategy to deliver more reliable perimeter protection. Oyla combines both technologies into a single hardware unit that is affordable, simple, easily deployable and plays well with other systems. So when you think 3D data tools you can be very creative with customer solutions such as layering video on Google maps and tracking movement!

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