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13 Low-Light Video Surveillance Tips to Enlighten Your Solutions

Use the Right Terminology

Before getting started selecting the right low-light camera, dealers can find themselves confused by a slew of labels being used to reference this category. Among them:

  • Low-Light
  • Day/Night
  • Starlight
  • SenseUp
  • Night Vision
  • Light Finder
  • Light Toucher
  • Dark Finder
  • Light Catcher
  • Thermal Imaging

So which is the proper terminology? All of them! Those monikers refer to the same classification of cameras. Many are trademark wording that camera manufacturers have placed on their technology.

Among the generic, nontrademarked terms are “low-light” or “day/night.” “It can get somewhat confusing,” admits Joel White, regional marketing manager for Bosch Security Systems.

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