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13 Low-Light Video Surveillance Tips to Enlighten Your Solutions

Think About IR Illumination

Like any surveillance camera project, the equipment has to fit the application. In an environment where there is some level of illumination, finding a camera that will give you a solid usable image should not be a problem.

But what if there is no light at all? In that case, dealers might consider a camera with IR LEDs built in to it, or even a thermal camera, which requires no light at all.

In a low-light application where there is a “hot spot” from a parking lot lamp, for example, cameras with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) are able to combine the best portions of multiple frames to create a clearer image.

“It is all done super-fast at 30fps so you are not introducing any motion blur in to the picture. WDR also helps you see a subject that is very close to the camera as well as someone in the background who is far away. Technologies can help compensate for that [type of application],” says Axis’ Zatolokin.

Products from companies like Illuminar provide IR and white light illuminators that feature the latest high-efficiency Osram LEDs that consume a minimal amount of power.

The illuminators are enclosed in an IP67 weatherproof housing, so they can endure harsh weather environments. These lighting products can be selected based on the field of view needed for the application, from panoramic to narrow.

Indeed, Illuminar’s IR919-POE-2 Series can illuminate up to 919 feet away.

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