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13 Low-Light Video Surveillance Tips to Enlighten Your Solutions

Proper Positioning is Important

Cameras will always be deployed to cover the field of view based on the need. Especially in an outdoor application, it is really hard not to have some sort of light source in the scene.

But there can be bright lights in the field of view as long as they are not directionally pointed right at the camera.

“The positioning of cameras, in general, is very important,” says Petrao. Oftentimes, integrators put cameras where they can run a wire, rather than really focusing on what are they trying to capture, and what level of detail they want to capture.”

Positioning the camera so that the common range of motion is moving across the field of view is more effective than positioning the camera so the common movement is coming toward the camera.

Avoiding bright light pointing directly at the lens is another good idea. That can cause flare or what some people may see as “fog” on the image. The field of view in terms of distance is also vital.

The level of detail from the camera is highly dictated by how close the camera is, and how much it’s zoomed in.

“Often, integrators will just put a camera and set it to its widest angle to pick up as much as possible, and then the customer complains when they can’t tell who that person is walking across their yard,” says Petrao.

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