The Importance of Proactive Security System Maintenance

The maintenance of your offerings requires a well-managed approach. Here’s how to ensure you have one.

The efficient and proactive maintenance of security systems is essential in this age of hyper-evolving, increasingly complex technology that is expensive to repair and replace. That is especially true of bespoke integrated security systems, whether installations are for asset protection, property surveillance, and/or employee safety.

This article will outline the importance of having proactive maintenance in place for integrated security systems.

A Management System Approach

The maintenance of your security systems needs a well-managed approach.

Context Within an ISMS

Maintenance doesn’t occur within a “vacuum.” It needs to function within the context of a prevailing management system. For example, for a computerized integrated security system, said maintenance needs to be done within a greater information security management system (ISMS) which serves the entire organization.

Ideally, the ISMS should be based on the renowned Deming Cycle or PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, the sheer simplicity of which is why it’s so popular across all industries.

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Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

The saying, “prevention is better than cure,” may be a cliché, but it’s especially true of maintenance for security systems. It’s better to have preventive maintenance measures in place that minimize security asset failures, than the higher cost and inconvenience of reactive maintenance. Even more beneficial to your ISMS is adhering to predictive maintenance, which seeks to optimize the utility and lifespan of any asset and is the epitome of smart asset management.

Auditing of Security Systems

Auditing of any management system, whether internal or done by an external party, is imperative to assess its effectiveness and continuous improvement. Proactive maintenance can play a crucial double-edged role in the audit function:

  1. It will flag a potential issue with a security asset or aspect of the ISMS itself that can be corrected prior to an audit.
  2. It will help develop a plan and address any security asset problem areas that may be identified during the audit.

CMMS & Proactive Security System Maintenance

In the spirit of management systems, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can be invaluable for any ISMS.

Basic Overview of a CMMS

A CMMS is a software solution that helps any organization automate and better manage all its maintenance operations and needs, which would include the maintenance of integrated security systems. The CMMS is a centralized depot for all things maintenance-related, from assets and parts inventories, to work orders, planned maintenance schedules, and maintenance reports.

Some CMMS solutions also offer asset tracking functionality, so technicians and users always have an idea where the asset is located.

CMMS is an invaluable tool that keeps the equipment running in optimal condition. The end result is a cohesive, streamlined maintenance workflow that minimizes the number of asset-related incidents and disruptions.

The Role of a CMMS in Data Security

Data security is pivotal to every modern business. The data that is part of your organization’s maintenance management system can be sensitive, particularly that pertaining to integrated security systems. Therefore, the computerized maintenance management system you use needs to be secure.

All things considered, Cloud-based CMMS is the best option for most businesses. Not only are they easier and invariably cheaper to install and run, they are also less likely to run afoul of data hacks and other data breaches. That’s worth knowing when a 2020 survey by PwC France found that cybercrime is the second-biggest economic crime worldwide.

That being said, businesses that want maximum security can opt-in for an on-premise or hybrid-Cloud implementation. This is often the route taken by big corporations that want to have complete control over their internal data. However, this will burden their security and IT teams as they will have another system they need to maintain and update.

A Proactive Security System Maintenance Checklist

The following are simple guidelines to follow to develop a proactive security system maintenance program:

  • Developing a complete blueprint of the entire security system infrastructure for an organization and identifying devices that need regular attention.
  • Entering those assets into a CMMS or other preferred maintenance software.
  • Outlining maintenance requirements for each security asset that should be on a proactive maintenance plan.
  • Developing maintenance schedules (system updates, inspections, spare part replacements…) based on those maintenance requirements.
  • Formulating procedures (actions to be taken) for anomalies that are found during routine maintenance work.
  • Evaluating maintenance requirements and procedures on a yearly basis (and updating them if necessary).

An integrated security system should mean a better flow of critical information within and throughout an organization. However, all physical assets, including sophisticated security systems, are susceptible to design flaws and breakdowns caused by long-term use.

That is why proactive maintenance is essential. And there is no better tool for streamlining maintenance operations than a modern computerized maintenance management system.

Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO of Limble, a mobile CMMS software. Click here to view Limble’s CMMS Guide.

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