Security Science Quiz

1. What is the fundamental core of a security survey?

a) Risk assessment

b) Needs analysis

c) Security checklist

d) Risk management 

2. A single team of key employees and executives assigned to direct recovery operations after a disaster is known as a … 

a) Crisis management team

b) Security detail

c) Security director and guards

d) Crisis detail

3. What formula is utilized for crime predication?

a) Criticality and probability

b) There is no exact formula

c) A security survey and needs analysis

d) The UCR and local crime demographics

4. What percentage of crimes against people account for inadequate-security litigation exposure?

a) 29%

b) 38%

c) 71%

d) 99%

5. RFP is defined as a:

a) Radio frequency porting

b) Request for proposal

c) Radio ferrite proton

d) Regional fire protection

6. When specifying outdoor CCTV video surveillance systems it is important to …

a) Subcontract out the work to an electrical contractor

b) Install fake cameras

c) Check lighting conditions

d) Check perimeter fencing

7 Hazardous material incident response is regulated by …

a) NFPA 1033

b) NFPA 921

c) Federal law

d) Life Safety 101

8) Where is violence the leading cause of death for women?

a) When traveling alone

b) When driving alone

c) In the home

d) In the workplace

9) Swinger shutdown cannot not be used on …

a) UL Certificated Systems

b) Magnetic contacts

c) Audio glass-break detectors

d) Dual technology motion detectors

10) UL 2050 is the standard for:

a) National Industrial Security Systems

b) Fire Alarm Systems

c) Sprinkler Suppression Systems

d) Panic and Holdup Alarm Systems

11) NFPA 1021 is the standard for:

a) Flame Sensing Detectors

b) Deluge Systems

c) Fire Officer Professional Qualifications

d) Heat Detectors

12) When complying with the Fire Alarm Certification UL Listing process it is important for you to …

a) Install a dedicated telephone line

b) Comply with NFPA 72

c) Comply with UL 985

d) Comply with the most recent edition of NFPA 720

13) UL 38 is the standard for: 

a) Manual Signaling Boxes for Fire Alarm Systems

b) Smoke Detectors in accordance with UL 218

c) Smoke Detectors in accordance with UL 268 and UL 2075

d) Beam Detectors

14) What UL standard applies to panic and holdup systems?

a) UL 636

b) UL 366

c) UL 48

d) UL 84

15) Why do carbon-composition and carbon film resistors not have their resistance value printed on them generally?

a) They are too small to have their resistance value printed on the resistor 

b) It is not required by NFPA standards

c) It is not required by UL standards

d) You can read the value of the resistor with a meter 

Sensible Central Station Advice

• Ensure the central station monitoring your subscribers has instructions and default instructions that meet all applicable NFPA standards, UL standards and best practices of the alarm industry.

• Never log test timer signals.

• Never advise your central station to disregard a zone or zones it receives, unless you have the knowledge, consent and authority of your subscriber in writing.

• Never advise your central station to disregard a life-safety zone for more than the authorized time allowed by the local AHJ, and again you should have verbal authorization that is being recorded by the central station or written confirmation of same before doing so.

• Advise your central station how to handle undefined signals.

• Ensure that your central station is not using a one-size-fits-all approach to monitoring the digital and radio signals it receives from the protected premises of your subscribers.

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