When & Where Wireless Works Best

Advances in wireless security systems continue to increase installation conveniences, therby reducing costs for installers and customers alike. Learn how these systems are now comparable to hardwired systems, the advantages of two-way wireless transmission, plus market prospects in wireless perimeter protection.

A Glance Ahead

Wireless alarm systems have come a long way in a few short years. The systems have continued to make inroads in the security market as a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution with growing benefits for the residential and commercial markets. The proof is in the market data that shows a growing demand for wireless alarm systems in the coming years.

Security contractors should expect more technological advancements relating to wireless alarm systems, allowing for greater range, reliability and the incorporation of two-way wireless communication. Together these advantages place the security contractor in the driver’s seat to offer the tools to install the best wireless alarm systems possible for each customer.

Tim Myers is senior product manager for Tyco Security Products, focusing on the development and launch of the company’s wireless portfolio of products. He can be contacted at (905) 760-3000.

Where to Catch Opportunity in Wireless Perimeter Protection

[IMAGE]12093[/IMAGE]Consider the commercial, municipal, government, critical infrastructure and myriad other outdoor operations that require – or could benefit greatly from – a secure perimeter. Jim Quick, president and CEO of Optex Inc., a provider of wireless outdoor detection equipment, discusses market prospects for dealers and integrators to fulfill end-user needs for wireless perimeter protection.

What are some examples of wireless perimeter applications that are providing opportunities for installing contractors?

Construction sites due to their ever-changing development have been strong for wireless perimeter protection as the perimeter can be moved as the site changes. Wireless components make the pain of the installation a lot easier for the end user since the dealer doesn’t have to dig trenches, install conduit and pull wires. Basically there is no disruption to the end user’s normal business routine.

Utility sites, both electrical substations and water treatment facilities, have been good applications for wireless products. The product installation does not disrupt the electrical grid in the ground at the substations.

What advice do you have for persuading a customer on a limited budget that wireless perimeter protection is in their best interest?

By comparing a hardwire install with a wireless install, the savings and ROI [return on investment] become affordable. The benefits to an end user to install a perimeter system, which will provide advance notice of a break-in, offset the cost of now a lower price due to wireless. We have shown end users what the cost is of installing a wireless perimeter system compared to a hardwired system, and what the true cost would be if nothing was done and a break-in did happen. Showing the end user what those lost assets would add up to is a compelling message.

How can installing contractors ensure they provide a wireless perimeter solution that best fits the customer’s needs?

The first step is to involve the manufacturer of the outdoor perimeter product to review the installation site, the requirements of the end user, and what the security solution is supposed to address. Once all of those issues have been addressed, the dealer needs to understand that outdoor security installations are done in an uncontrolled environment.  All of the support, review, consultation and proper product in the design will help eliminate the issues that come from this type of environment.

Knowing what products are available to help make the installation easier with maximizing the labor cost to the job is critical to the dealer. Wireless perimeter products will lower the labor time and cost to the dealer. Becoming trained, certified by the wireless perimeter product manufacturer is key to an easy install that is done right the first time.


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