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SSI Names 2019 Security Solutions Awards Winners at GSX

Access Control: Openpath Access By Openpath

Openpath worked with Domino’s Pizza franchisees to implement a new access control system that would increase both security and convenience for Domino’s employees. Focused on best-in-class technology and catering to the next generation of customers, many Domino’s franchisees realized their legacy access control methods weren slowing down employees. As such, Domino’s sought a more modern solution to address the headaches associated with their traditional legacy access systems.

The solution would need to streamline access processes to ensure employees could quickly and easily enter and exit the facility with minimal friction and ensure that managers could keep track of all the employees who have access to the building and administer and revoke these credentials with the touch of a button. In the food delivery industry, speed is incredibly important. This is why digging out a keycard, badge or keys, while balancing whatever they might be carrying, to unlock a door each and every time can quickly become a nuisance.

The ability to seamlessly come and go without leaving the door open and unlocked are a constant security and operational concerns. If employees forget their credentials or have to dig them out of their pockets or bags, it causes unnecessary delays and hiccups in their day that can carry over to the next delivery that needs to get out. Additionally, the restaurant industry is known for high turnover rate amongst employees, making a manual credentialing system of the staff painstaking and costly to administer.

Similarly, if an employee leaves work for a few months at a time with the intention of returning, this creates obstacles in obtaining their keys and giving them back. Openpath worked with Domino’s to create a resolution that both managers and employees enjoy interacting with on a daily basis, while dramatically increasing the productivity and efficiency throughout the store.

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