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Home Controls: 2GIG GC3 Security Panel & 2GIG Sensors By 2GIG

When Andrew and Crystal Glen decided to build a new home just east of Albuquerque, New Mexico, they worked closely with a builder and architect to achieve the modern minimalist design and architecture they wanted. Even though they started from scratch to build their new “dream home,” they decided to take something familiar with them: the 2GIG security system that they had purchased and maintained through the home security professionals at Link Interactive. They only wanted to upgrade the control panel to the more robust GC3.

It was important for them to have a system that’s able to integrate easily and provide additional solutions such as climate and irrigation control. The Glens purchased their first 2GIG system from Link Interactive nearly a decade ago, and since then they have moved three times. Each time they moved, they were able to take some of the wireless components of the system with them to re-use at the new home. After having so much experience with the system, Andrew Glen was able to install some of the equipment at the new home himself, while also hiring a local low-voltage integrator to handle other important aspects.

Featuring a variety of glass and acrylic artwork, a moderately minimalist design, and an open-concept kitchen and living room surrounded by large plate windows, the home presents a truly modern aesthetic that the Glens say was inspired by the work of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. With such care and attention put into their home, it was paramount for the couple that they properly protected it from any intruders or internal disasters like fires or leaks. So, in addition to the GC3, they installed 2GIG sensors that detect broken windows, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, open doors and windows, and all of those sensors are connected to the GC3 panel for remote monitoring.

In the coming year, they plan to add electronic door locks, an interior camera to check on pets and irrigation, all of which ties into the 2GIG system and monitoring for complete peace-of-mind. The Glens enjoy the ability to disarm the 2GIG system remotely when family stops by, and the connected thermostats also allow for remote management of climate. They often use these features to make adjustments after leaving or before returning home, as they both travel frequently for work and leisure.

They also monitor their windows and doors with sensors, which provides peace of mind that all entrances are sealed and their pets are safe inside the home. They now have a GC3 panel in the living space and 2GIG touchscreens in the master bedroom and garage, so access and control are always close at hand. The security system uses a number of 2GIG sensors and modules to provide all the features the family requires: Connected to the GC3 main control panel are two secondary SP1 touchscreens, a SMKT3 smoke/heat/freeze sensor, a GB1 glass break sensor, two RE206 garage tilt sensors, and 13 DW door/window sensors.

The three individual thermostats were provided by and are fully controlled and monitored through the GC3 panel and mobile app. The family once experienced an incident when a shed at a previous home caught on fire. Crystal was able to quickly alert the local fire department through the 2GIG panel and monitoring service. They arrived shortly after and successfully put the fire out before it was able to spread.

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