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SSI Names 2019 Security Solutions Awards Winners at GSX

Security Apps: fireNspec By PnewSoft, LLC

FireNspec takes an integrators perspective in solving some the biggest headaches in the industry. Documentation and accountability are key in providing the information of who, what, where, and when, allowing a more complete transition into maintaining systems for years to come. FireNspec helps keep everything electronically together, from drawings, specifications, and operating manuals to installation, inspections, and service records.

Using the electronic portal or the QR code assigned to the site everyone can stay current with the site in question. Property owners, installation, service/inspection companies and AHJ’s will be able to access information pertaining to the site and the equipment installed. Scan the QR code and get up to date information in real time. Using the mobile application, technicians/inspectors have all the tools at their disposal to accurately and efficiently perform installations, service, and inspections.

The software allows multiple technicians/inspectors to be invited to a site for better collaboration. Information from each invitee is consolidated in one report with no need to manually adjust any data. Progress can be monitored in the field from the back office. Managers can monitor, communicate and participate with those in the field in real time. All information provided in the field is electronically documented and available in a print format for viewing or sending to the customer.

FireNspec has a unique template architecture that allows each company to create installation, service and inspection templates that fit their needs and requirements. Through the web panel, templates can be easily generated and made available to the mobile app users in a matter of seconds.

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