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SSI Names 2019 Security Solutions Awards Winners at GSX

Video Surveillance: Broome County Surveillance using Axis Video/Radar Products and Qognify Video Managment Solutions By Axis and Qognify. Installed by Integrated Systems

Broome County, located in the Southern Tier of New York State, recently invested in a County Wide radio upgrade to support their Emergency Management Services and Public Safety Departments. As a result of this upgrade, the County realized a significant investment in tower site expansions, radio equipment and data/voice communication assets. To protect the County’s capital investment, a solution was sought to proactively record and alert public safety of unauthorized activity around each tower site. Each site would need equipment to detect motion around its perimeter, record the activity and archive the camera video to a central data store located in a County maintained datacenter. In addition to the external surveillance requirements, interior detection, surveillance and voice recording would also be required for each tower site communication shelter. The solution would be required to provide alerts signaling unauthorized activity to Video Management personnel and offer geographic map coordination between video assets and video views.

The proposed and awarded solution provided an Axis Q6054-E Mk III p/t/z camera, Axis IR illuminator, Axis P3235-LVE, Axis P3235 LV and an Axis D2050-VE at each of nine tower sites. Each camera was wired and connected to a local communications shelter switch and then routed through the Microwave Data Network back to the County Data Center. Qognify’s Ocularis VMS Platform was chosen to provide the video archiving, live camera site viewing, activity notifications and video analytics. Qognify’s Enterprise-level product provided the necessary redundancy in failover to support the recording/viewing servers 24/7 availability requirement for access to camera views, recording and analytics.

Video viewing centers were created at the County’s Central Security Building and the Emergency Management Services Center, using the Qognify Ocularis Viewing Client. Each tower site integration included a tower mounted p/t/z camera and radar detector, along with a site illuminator and fixed camera. The p/t/z coupled with the radar detector provided 360° coverage and movement detection around the tower site, while the fixed camera and illuminator monitored the main gate, tower yard and shelter door. IR illuminators and interior fixed cameras were included at each site to further insure asset protection and perpetrator identification at all levels of background lighting, day and night.

Site Maps were created to visually link camera locations and views, along with device management for each tower site into a commonly mapped overview that could be expanded to zoom in using any video asset on the network. Multiple virtual recording servers and redundant storage systems were integrated to provide the required physical and logical redundancy in the solution. To insure that all devices in the solution were running and performing properly, SNMP monitoring was integrated to proactively record and alert to provide maximum solution performance.

Video analytics features were incorporated to proactively track, identify, review and record events to minimize video review requirements and proactively alert officials to incidents that carried risk exposure. Finally the new system was integrated with the existing County Video network so cameras could be incorporated with County Wide Views of other strategic interest; including, but not limited to building assets, street corner cameras, LTE-based LPR systems and mobile video command systems.

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