3 Ways Integrators Improve Network Performance

Don’t let complex protocols increase project cost and reduce network efficiency.

IP video surveillance networks can be overwhelming to even the most experienced system administrator. Complex protocols need a certified networking engineer to install and maintain expensive switches. And, when the video feed starts to lag or drop video, the servers and cameras get most of the attention. While searching for a solution, administrators will cut frame rates and resolution or add additional servers. None of these actually get to the root of the problem – an inefficient network.

More often than not, a poorly designed network using complex legacy protocols hampers IP surveillance systems. Older switches running PIM and various Spanning Tree protocols develop bandwidth bottlenecks within the network. And, expensive switches from brand name distributors fail to live up to their steep price.

Below are the three ways security integrators can improve network performance when designing a network.

  1. Simplify Network Configuration
  2. configuration 700wide

    For traditional networks, provisioning new services or changing existing ones requires engineers to touch every device in the service path – configuring every device to enable both the active and redundant links. Thus, the larger the network, the more complex and risky this becomes. Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) creates the ability to dynamically virtualize elements to empower efficient provisioning and use of resources reducing the strain on the network and administrators.The use of SPB to virtualize the network initiates a profound change. Rather than appearing as a collection of individual devices, the network becomes a single mass allowing engineers to only touch the device providing service directly to the endpoint. SPB automatically and instantly propagates all service attributes to every other node within the network delivering end-to-end connectivity.

  3. Eliminate Potential Bottlenecks
  4. As IP-based video surveillance consumes the market, networking’s reliance on legacy protocols is leading to an increase in bottlenecking within the network. When this happens, latency (video lag), compromises the effectiveness of the entire system. Therefore, solely investing in high-quality cameras will not solve all your video security problems.A major advantage to SPB is the way it handles traffic forwarding – 802.1aq uses a simple and elegant method to use the multiple paths through the network. After IS-IS builds the network topology, SPB creates the shortest paths based on link metrics and then assigns the traffic (unicast and multicast) to that path.

  5. Cost-Effective Pricing
  6. Project size and scope should not prevent an integrator from deploying a complete networking solution. Using SPB cuts the added cost of a networking engineer saving integrators thousands. Additionally, by using cutting-edge technology like SPB backed by a five-year warranty, high-performance is guaranteed to last for years.

Networking Solution – Shortest Path Bridging

Dynamic, agile, and resilient networking comes from eliminating network-wide provisioning and implementing simple end-point provisioning requiring only one or two lines of code. Such a solution reduces human error, increases deployment speed, and quickly adapts to camera changes. The BCDVideo Titan Networking Series powered by Avaya combines SPB and Flash Reconvergence to create an optimized networking solution for almost any surveillance project.

By simplifying the setup process and enabling multipath routing, sub-second recovery times for both unicast and multicast become possible. An integrated Virtual Router and Forwarding option cut bandwidth concerns by isolating video surveillance traffic from other IT traffic while remaining on the same physical network.

Simplified network configuration, bandwidth segmentation, and economical pricing highlight the Titan Series as the complete network solution. Find a Titan solution right for your project at https://www.bcdvideo.com/networking/titan-networking/.

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