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Genetec Advocates for Smarter Security as it Peels Back Curtains at Headquarters

Genetec Presentation at HQ

Genetec gave a sneak peek at one of its latest innovation “babies,” the Mission Control platform. Company representatives said the solution, which it is calling a decision support system, more effectively, efficiently and simply delivers on the situational awareness promise of overly complex physical security information management (PSIM) systems. The product aims to make sense of all the data coming in from various systems and sensors so operators can make informed and planned responses. Genetec says maintaining and upgrading Mission Control is much easier than PSIMs, where modifying a subsystem can introduce a rippling effect of problems. Pictured, left-right, are Genetec Director of Product Management Francis Lachance, Vice President of Cloud Services Christian Morin, and Vice President of Marketing and Product Development Andrew Elvish.

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