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Genetec Advocates for Smarter Security as it Peels Back Curtains at Headquarters

Genetec Presentation at HQ

Cloud services is another area of emphasis for Genetec right now. According to Christian Morin (pictured), although it has been more of a slow burn than overnight sensation and the overall percentage still relatively small, the growth of cloud-based security solutions is inevitable. He likens it to going from analog to IP surveillance, “This is the next big shift. It’s not if, but when,” Morin said. He identified four reasons why moving to the cloud is viable: users can pay per use; there’s a continuous flow of enhancements; it’s simple and easy to use; and it is highly scalable. He conceded there perception and sales hurdles to overcome, and that’s why Genetec is offering onsite-, hybrid- and all cloud-based VMS solutions.

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