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Genetec Advocates for Smarter Security as it Peels Back Curtains at Headquarters

Genetec Presentation at HQ

Despite its relatively small slice of the total pie, Genetec noted in this slide that what growth it is seeing is enormous percentage wise. The expanding cloud touched off another one of Genetec’s key topics during the presentation, that of securing the security traveling through and across data networks. It was pointed out that 97% of organizations have experienced a cyber breach and CIOs are spending one-third of their time addressing this threat. To help combat these issues, Genetec is deploying 128-bit data encryption for both streamed and archived video (in transit and at rest). The firm is also partnering with companies specializing in claims-based authentication like Google and Microsoft to achieve both high security and user convenience. The company believes vendors and integrators really need to look at physical security today as an IT effort from a securing the security perspective.

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