How CertaSite Quickly Grew Into a Major Fire/Life-Safety Player

Four years and 15 acquisitions after its founding, CertaSite services 30,000 customers in 18 locations across the Midwest. Hear executives discuss contending with COVID, products and services, culture, and market differentiation in the latest Security Speaking podcast.

It’s difficult enough to keep a business afloat during a pandemic, but imagine trying to do it when you’ve been around for less than two years.

Indianapolis-headquartered CertaSite was ready to take full launch when the pandemic abruptly threw an enormous wrench into the spokes.

“Having the concept and framework of the business with all the pieces in place, we were set to put the pedal to the metal and go to go as fast as possible, while doing it right. Then just as we were pushing the accelerator to the floor, the pandemic happened,” says CEO Jeff Wyatt, who previously spent 25 years at Koorsen Fire & Security. “We had to stop and take our foot off the gas. We had to realize that’s not possible; we’re facing something that we’ve never faced before.”

Wyatt, along with Chief Marketing & Strategy Implementation Officer Kelly Henderson recently spoke with SSI Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine to share how the company aims to raise the bar on innovation, expertise and service.

You can watch the full conversation in the latest edition of Security Speaking below, or listen or download it directly from SSI. You can also listen to it via your streaming platform of choice. A condensed version of the discussion can be read here.







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