Executive Roundtable: How Security-Net Helps Partners Catch the Big Fish

When it comes to systems integration, size can matter. That’s why for nearly 30 years leaders from select regional firms have bound together, leveraging collective mindshare and resources to realize greater success. Learn how in this month’s Security Speaking podcast.

The dolphin, arguably the most intelligent nonhuman creature on earth, is known to be as formidable as to fend off a shark and strategic enough to cooperate with others of its species to capture fish. Embracing strength in numbers, now that is smart.

Similarly, executives from some shrewdly run independent security systems integration companies are enhancing their demonstrated regional expertise by collaborating with peers nationwide and abroad to expand their footprints. In this way, from a competitive standpoint, they are indeed swimming with the big fish.

The “pod” in this case is Security-Net, an Exton, Pa.-headquartered federation of integrators founded in 1993. Launched with four initial members, the network presently encompasses leaders from 19 companies totaling approximately 60 regional offices and 1,400 professionals. With a focus on commercial, industrial and government security solutions deployments and dedication to best practices sharing, in recent months the organization has added five new partners as it continues to broaden its reach and the depth of its capabilities.

SSI Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine recently spoke with a half-dozen Security-Net members to find out how their unity is helping them navigate sea-change challenges such as the pandemic and supply chain ordeals and propelling them toward an ocean of new opportunities and success.

You can watch the full conversation in the latest edition of Security Speaking below, or listen or download it directly from SSI. You can also listen to it via your streaming platform of choice. A condensed version of the discussion can be read here.







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