How Turnkey Business Software Boosted an Integrators Profits by 10%

Proguard Protection Services increased its bottom-line profits by 10% in the first year using simPRO end-to-end software for his business. Find out the benefits of this type of solution in the latest Security Speaking Podcast.

With rising costs hitting security integrators from every angle, including equipment, logistics and labor, they need every possible avenue to boost profit. That is the case with Frank Bauer of Proguard Protection Services in Basalt, Colo., who increased his bottom-line profits by 10% in the first year using simPRO end-to-end software for his business.

“With any software there’s always going to be change and hiccups and issues that come up against the expectations. The question is how well do we manage them, and how well do we plan out this massive shift in your business,” comments Param Singh, enterprise account manager for simPRO, “But in his first year, Bauer’s profit margins increased over 10%.”

Singh says that the software enabled Proguard to scale and to grow, and to not only better take advantage of the opportunities it already had, but now have more time and therefore resources freed up so the team could pursue those opportunities.

“It’s not just simply about saving time, but now when that extra time is available, what do we do with it?” he asks rhetorically.

simPRO software was created 20 years ago by an integrator who was frustrated with the off-the-shelf software solutions for running an electrical business.

“Luckily he had a friend who was a software Jedi and they wrote a piece of software to help manage his business better and quickly realized that this software could help tons of other businesses as well,” explains Singh. “Our mission is to help businesses become more efficient, get more money out of their projects, out of their jobs and ideally get home earlier to enjoy time with their family.”

Singh says right now that inventory control and reporting are the two primary areas where he sees integrators not being the most efficient.

“It’s very common to hear that sometimes they don’t really have a complete idea of what they have on hand and what their technicians are using in inventory. It can be quite a bit cost in the business and it’s very common for owners to say, ‘We haven’t gotten around to it,’ or ‘We haven’t built that yet.’ Having everything in one system where you’re managing your jobs, estimates and purchase orders enables you to know exactly what product is moving through and who’s using what in real time.”

He sees similar situations in terms of reporting.

“A lot of the times we hear integrators say, ‘We don’t know how much we’re making, but we know we’re making money because our account keeps going up.’ That is great, but there’s always opportunity for you to become more efficient to understand how you could have done better on a job so you can now learn for the next go around. So having access to real time data can give you the information that you need to make better decisions for the business.

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