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10 Intrusion Detection Products to Offer Your Clients

Takex PA-6800 Series PIR Sensors

The PA-6800 series of ceiling mount PIR sensors from TAKEX of Santa Clara, Calif., are discreet, compact devices that can be snapped in and out of the detachable base unit for easy installation in high places.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, models include the PA-6805E spot detector, PA-6810E 360° detector, PA-6812E wide angle detector, and the PA-6820E vertical curtain detector.

A series of dip switches allows control of pulse count, sensitivity, alarm memory, LED on/off and selectable silent N.O. or N.C. alarm output relay. Input voltage is 9VDC to 18VDC and is non-polarity specific, while the sealed sensor heads provides a dust and insect free PIR sensing chamber.

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