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30 Security Technologies Tickle Experts’ Fancies

Boucherle’s Pick: 3xLogic VMS & Data Analytics

I like things that are simple. Complex is relatively easy but simple is not. Having been an early developer of retail metrics to aid retail operations, marketing, store planning and security departments run their business more efficiently, I can really appreciate the simplicity that VIGIL Trends brings to retail customers in these modern times. This product helps bring disparate and discreet data sources such as video, alarm, POS data, weather and operational information into a single customizable dashboard. Delivering “big picture” data management with customizable choices can deliver actionable information that may increase profitability while reducing shrinkage.

The customization of delivery of “just what I want to know, when I want to know it” delivered to different department decision makers adds new meaning to the concept of simple data mining and business intelligence. Delivering instant video clips, location by location comparisons, conversion ratios of shopper to sale, perimeter and internal customer measurements and customer service metrics like wait time will help the enlightened retailer outperform their competition. In our big data world, tools that help simplify how we receive and perceive security and operations data enable a Keep it Simply Silly (KISS) method to take action instead of aspirin.

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