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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2019

Boucherle Pick: Awareity Threat Assessment

Heretofore, most active-shooter events and suicides had recognizable signs in advance, but nobody connected the dots quickly enough to intervene. Real-time situational awareness meets “it takes a village” to predict and interdict active shooters, workplace violence and suicides in your community with the Awareity solution.

I covered this emerging product category a few years back that essentially monitors social media buzz and geospatial tagging to help security professionals marshal their forces in real-time for threat response, escalation of danger and crowd control. Awareity has taken this concept far beyond the basic premise to be significantly more inclusive in gathering, consolidating and sharing information with threat assessment teams to allow the “first preventers” to connect the dots early, and then preemptively act to avoid violence and to save lives.

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