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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2019

Dolph Pick: Magnasphere Smart Radar Sensor

Some of us remember microwave motion sensors. Well, what if I told you the technology is back but much smarter than ever? Magnasphere has now introduced the Italian company Inxpect’s revolutionary MSK-101 PoE smart radar sensor. The product’s proprietary motion processing engine provides superior pet immunity, robustness to temperature changes, weather conditions, dust, smoke and debris.

The PoE interface, couples with open network protocols and high security encryption to make it easy to integrate into any system. Smart motion detection is based on FMCW radar technology. The device can compute, in real-time, the distance to a moving target and estimate its size. Signal processing algorithms allow for the filtering out of motion generated by pets, birds and pests, resulting in a dramatic reduction of false alarms.

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