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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2019

Boucherle Pick: Indarra Cybersecurity Consulting

Awareness training for associates is often a weak link in the cybersecurity mitigation strategy chain. Often looked at as a “one and done” training session, it should instead be a process that can help reduce risks of 75% of phishing and spear phishing attack vectors. The challenge is to take a holistic, experienced and disciplined approach using a trusted guide, which Indarra Cyber Security has demonstrated through vetting and partnering with both NSCA and PSA to service systems integrators.

By providing vulnerability assessments, customized training programs and testing for compliance and competence, Indarra can help protect integrators’ organizations by making cybersecurity awareness part of the culture. If an integration firm has weak cybersecurity policies in place, this vendor can guide practical and sustainable improvements.

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