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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2019

Boucherle Pick: IPVideo Smart IoT Sensor

OK, who doesn’t like a robust IoT 12-pack? Seriously, installing a single smart IoT device that delivers an astounding 12 different critical sensing capabilities in one package boggles the mind. The amazing HALO IOT Smart Sensor has the ability to detect smoke, CO/CO2, vaping (including THC oil content), sound detection and eight other selectable sensing options to protect lives, property and assets.

The vast array of sensors coupled with strong analytics reduces false alarms associated with single sensor units. The product is also a good ol’ (not really) security unit without special apps or fancy Cloud fees. So it can be economically integrated into existing systems and fits your existing way of doing business, which your sales and technical people will thank you for later. The unit is designed with excellent airflow to allow sensor arrays more data to analyze and report on.

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