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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2020

Boucherle Pick: Arcules Cloud Video Platform

Arcules has developed and delivered an incredibly simple and elegant way to leverage the MSP/RMR opportunity of video Cloud storage for integrators. Scalable Cloud storage configuration on virtual servers, that are continually maintained and protected, has been made intuitively simple with menu-driven choices for your technicians. Removing the challenges of onsite configurations and myriad things that can go wrong enables upgrading legacy video systems cost effectively and, frankly, easily.

Traditional onsite video storage scaling can be expensive and complicated. On-demand scalability allows customers to adjust video storage for their needs. I watched a configuration process and think I could do it; scary simple indeed! If you are pivoting to managed services as well as an RMR-based business model, check this out. This firm’s management team is seasoned and relates to systems integrators’ needs.

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