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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2020

Boucherle Pick: RaySecur Package Scanning

RaySecur’s MailSecur product utilizes safe millimeter wave technology, is easy to use and more effective than traditional X-ray scanners at detecting threats in smaller packages, like mail. This technology delivers 3D images vs. 2D static images to allow closer examination for small elements contained in smaller packages. While traditional X-ray scanners do a great job at large package scanning, they can miss the details of smaller but potentially more dangerous threats of bio terrorism.

In an area where professional judgment is needed, less experienced operators can take a 3D image and spin it on its axis for closer examination, while static 2D images require great skill to interpret accurately. With less face-to-face visits of late, mailrooms have been busier than ever and this is a good layer to add to your customer’s security process.

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