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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2020

Boucherle Pick: SelectDNA Forensic Marking

This one is quite different but pretty cool technology. It involved a unique high-tech forensic code synthetically manufactured in an ISO 17025 lab. The code has been used safely in Europe for 10 years, but is new to the United States. Unlike human DNA, these forensic markers are microchips invisible to the human eye. They stay on a person’s skin for four to six weeks, two to three months on their clothes and up to five years on hard surfaces like a getaway car, stolen items like copper, and high street-value items.

These markers can be revealed with a special UV light that police use to determine they have the right individual and then can check an international database. This helps identify the who, what, where, when with certainty. This fascinating “forensic tagging” technology, branded as SelectDNA and distributed by CSI Protect, allows integrators, end users and law enforcement to “tag” perpetrators with specific proximity to a criminal event.

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